The Eastern District Planning Commission provides planning, subdivision and building inspection services in eastern Nova Scotia for the Counties of Antigonish, Inverness, Richmond, and Victoria and the Towns of Port Hawkesbury and Antigonish. The planners, development officers, building inspectors and support staff work toward developing a safe and healthy community for you and your family. For more information on the services offered by the EDPC Please see here .

Plan Area Notices


Plan Eastern Nova

Plan Eastern Nova is a project to create a Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) for all areas of the Municipalities of Antigonish, Inverness, Richmond and Victoria that currently do not have planning documents in place. The Province has mandated that all areas of Nova Scotia have comprehensive land use planning in place by the end of 2022. This project will bring these municipalities into compliance. Check project news at the Plan Eastern Nova website.


Isle Madame Plan Area: Public Hearing

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the Council of the Municipality of the County of Richmond intends to consider and, if deemed advisable,

  1. Concurrent amendment request to the Isle Madame Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-Law to add Craft Beverages Facilities as a permitted use in the Village Commercial (VC) Zone and insert accompanying definitions. Public Hearing to be held on:

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 at 6:30pm
Virtual Hearing (Zoom Meeting ID: 818 9273 9038)

Staff Reports

  • Town of Port Hawkesbury Amendments to the Port Hawkesbury Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law to permit Accessory Dwelling Units.
  • Town of Port Hawkesbury Proposed Land Use By-law amendment to rezone lots in the Grants Ponds Subdivision, on MacLaughlin Drive and the undeveloped lands off Spruce Street from the Residential Single-Unit (R-1) Zone to the Residential Two-Unit (R-2) Zone
  • Town of Port Hawkesbury Amendment request to the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land-Use By-law to amend the Granville Street/Waterfront Development (C-2) Zone
  • Town of Antigonish Concurrent amendment request for PID# 01228782 to rezone the Open Space (OS) portion of the property to the Higher Order Residential Neighbourhood (RN-2) Zone and redesignate the Community Use Designation portion to the Higher Order Residential Neighbourhood Designation to match the rest of the property.
  • Inverness Plan: Application to enter into a Development Agreement for 10 additional cottages for a total of 15 cottages and an accessory building on Lot 20-3, PID 50339787, Fishermans Lane (P), Inverness, Inverness County & Discharge of existing Development Agreement.
  • Cheticamp Plan: Application to rezone a property located on the Cabot Trail, Chéticamp from Residential General (R-1) Zone to the Commercial General (C-3) Zone to allow for extra parking for the existing business located immediately behind the property at 15038 Cabot Trail.
  • Whycocomagh Plan: Application to rezone a property located on Main Street, Whycocomagh from Commercial (C-1) Zone to the Residential Centre (R-1) Zone to allow for the construction of a Duplex.
  • Inverness Secondary Plan: Amendments to the Inverness Secondary Plan and Land Use By-law to permit Detached Accessory Dwelling Units in the Residential Urban (R-1) Zone
  • Central Antigonish Plan: Rezoning application by Dunmore Developments Ltd. for the property located at PIDs 10126571 & 01244565 from Rural Development (RD-1) to Hamlet Residential & Hamlet Multiple Unit Residential (HR-1 and HR-2).
  • Antigonish Wind Turbine By-Law: Amendment to the County of Antigonish Wind Turbine By-law to amend the setback distance from watercourses to 30m plus the blade length.
  • Antigonish Fringe Plan: Text Amendment to the Antigonish Fringe Area Land Use By-law to allow for more than one main building on a lot in the Business Commercial (BC-1) zone as a housekeeping amendment.
  • Antigonish Fringe Plan: Concurrent Text Amendments to the Antigonish Fringe Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law to allow for Small-scale Solar Collector Systems as accessory uses within the plan area.

Plan Documents and Maps

Antigonish County

  • Fringe
  • Central Antigonish
  • Eastern Antigonish
  • Keppoch - Beaver Mountain
  • Wind Turbine Development

Victoria County

  • Baddeck
  • Wind Turbine Development

Richmond County

  • Central Richmond
  • Isle Madame
  • Shannon Lake
  • Sporting Mountain
  • St Peters
  • West Richmond
  • Wind Turbine Development
  • Town of Antigonish

Inverness County

  • Cheticamp
  • Inverness
  • Port Hastings
  • Port Hood
  • Whycocomagh
  • Wind Turbine Development

Town of Port Hawkesbury